Logging of telegrams, expert mode, problem solution

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To trace errors or misbehaviour, it can be helpful to log the actions (i.e. the telegrams on the BUS).


  1. Opening the App Preferences
  2. Open the sub-item Further settings
  3. Setting the check mark for "Expert mode
  4. Restarting the app
  5. Wipe left edge to the middle or tap the three strips in the top left corner
  6. open new item "Expert Mode
  7. here the telegrams on the I-BUS are now continuously displayed and recorded ("logged")
  8. executes the action that causes problems, ideally 2-3 times
  9. click on "Send"
  10. a mail app opens (probably GMail)
  11. Please add in the text what the problem is, so why the log was created
  12. Send log (the radio must be online for this!)

Note: Before sending the log, please make sure that there is an attachment (zip file) in the e-mail. If this is not the case, we can't do anything with the log, because there is no data in it.
If there is no attachment, the folder to store the file is missing. To create this folder you might have to use a trick with older app versions:

  1. Open the "light control".
  2. Creating a light sequence (one light is sufficient)
  3. Tip on Save, and at the very bottom, tap on "Export". Select the internal memory here (recognizable by the "0" in the path)
  4. The folder was created with the export.
  5. Now create a log again and send it to us (please check again if the attachment is now included)